Today's Mood: Anything that was stolen I am coming back for... plus !!! Don't let your defeats keep you stuck instead refocus that energy to reevaluate your situation...if it was something that needed to be stripped away leave it...if it was a lesson to see how bad you want it Go Get It!!!!
To-Do List:
In Jesus Name!!!! Write the Vision!!!
I wanted to share this with you because we often get discouraged on what we think we are missing out on or what we feel was taken from us.  Guess what?!  It is ok somethings were meant to leave others were meant to see how bad you want it.  How do you know?  Pray, seek God for guidance...this is the reevaluate part :) Now once you have figured this out...FOCUS!!!!!!!!! Life comes with thousands of distractions it's up to you to weed out whatever that distraction may be.
Now here is the exciting part!  RECLAIM IT!!!!!!! Whatever it is.  Your joy, your peace, your money, your time!  Declare and decree that it is yours in the name of Jesus!!!
Watch how God works!
I am excited about what's to come!  I ask that you please please pray with me and for me that the promise and vision God has given me will come to pass! In Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!
Great day family!!!!!!!
And remember I VIBE with you, you VIBE with me and we are going to VIBE together!
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