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As I was scrolling on Facebook the other day I came across this post
First of all...I want to say thank you to those that have reached out to me about my weekly emails.  I love all feedback whether good or bad.  Everyone had great things to say, so to God be the glory!!!
Just like the post above states promoting yourself can be an uncomfortable proposition.  Let me be the first to say it has not been easy and definitely not all me that's BUT GOD right there. 🙌 At first I just wanted to start my email list like most coaches and business pros tell you, but I have actually enjoyed just being open and transparent.  It has helped me get back to writing but also put my feelings out instead of holding them in.  Writing/doodling has always been my thing.  Since I have gotten older I have less time to just sit down and write.  This platform allows me to make time for it.  So, again thank you to each one of you taking the time to open this message and read,  I am happy to know that it brings you some sort of encouragement and motivation.   So back to the above post... God has gifted each and everyone one of us with something and guess what?  It is not for us to hold that gift inside but for us to release to the world so that God can get the glory.  So let me guess, oh you don't know what your gift is?  Well let me help you find it.🔎Go to God who is our creator and ask him why did he create you?  Why did he choose to place YOU on this earth?  Another piece of advice, do not look at what others are out here doing and say "oh they did this so I can do that".  NO!  That is when we then put ourselves on the comparison trap radar.  You know, looking at how easy someone else has it or how fast they obtained success.  Don't.🚫 Go to God because you do not know what that person went through to get where they are now or maybe God requires more of you to get there because he knows you CAN endure it.  Whew I wasn't even planning on going that deep but there it is.  And since I probably struck a nerve there I am going to go on and be direct.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  When God gives you the go ahead to move.  MOVE!!!!!!!!!!
LOL ok I had to, I had to.  If you don't know by now I like to have fun and extremely goofy.  But back to the serious stuff... Seriously MOVE!!!! God will equip you will all the tools you need to live in your purpose and by you not moving could hold you or even those attached to your gift back.  That's deep right there.  Ever think about it that way?  I could actually be holding someone else back by not moving when God told me?  That's what keeps me going and motivated.  One of my mentors said it to me a long time ago but in my mind I thought I was/am still a mess so how could I help others and my life was/is in shambles.  Well that's just it, through my mess and many downfalls I still see the light at the end of the tunnel that others may not see.  I can help people see that despite what's going on in your life God is still in control.  What the enemy might mean for evil, God means for good.   Find your purpose within your pain and use that fuel to get out of that bad or sad situation.  Stop thinking about what others will think and put yourself out there.  Don't worry God got you! And like I always like to say, "I VIBE with you, and you VIBE with me, and we are going to VIBE together!" I really mean that.  WE are all more than capable of succeeding and God is more than able and willing to do it, all he is waiting on is for us to...again MOVE :)   Until next time folks!
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