Hey Heyyyy!!!!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day and a wonderful week.  This email will be short today I promise. Have you ever experienced a day that went so well then all of a went downhill from there?  Well this past week I had one of those days. I got up on time 🙌 worked out, ate right, even got my praise and worship on. I am mean the day was just a day full of productivity.  Then all of a guessed it BOOM downhill from there.  I kept saying, “now why in the world? in the world?”.  But then I realized that something as small as a bad day, God had already prepared me for it. During that deep praise and worship session with God in that moment he made me feel calm, at peace, and just somewhat settled and content.
I know each and every one of us go through things in our life and I just wanted to encourage you to know that God is still in control so no matter if  you are having a bad day, moment, week, month whatever it may be God has already prepared you for such a time. I know sometimes it looks like you can barely see the light of day, but keep holding on to God’s word and remembering each and every promise he has revealed to you.  And don't worry we are in this together so as I always say You VIBE with me, I VIBE with you, and we are going to VIBE together!
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