Happy YOU Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Yep!  I said what I said!  So since it has been two weeks since we have talked (virtually) 🤗  How are you?  I always enjoy the feedback and the responses I get from these emails.  Are you on your new year, new me kick?  Or nah?!
I...am not!  No new year, no new me.  (well, definitely new year but, you get the picture...anyway) I learned a few years ago to look at the new year as a fresh start and definitely as a big motivator.  Yes, I am definitely super motivated right now.  Not because I can set some new goals, but because last year I was so freaking determined not to the end year how I have year after year in the past by waiting til January 1st.  So heck yea I'm ready to take on 2019.  I even said I did not want to do a vision board last year (2018).  What?!  I know miss out on the new trend that everyone is doing? 
Yep!  I love to be very transparent here and I struggle with staying focused so each time I set goals and try to develop a system that helps ME accomplish that goal.  Yes, ME!  We have to realize that what works for everyone else does not mean it will always work for you (YOUnique)😉 So I decided to write out my vision for 2019.  Things that I wanted to see/accomplish and manifest in 2019 ,then went into a deep convo with God. Of course I gave in and did a small yet detailed focus driven vision board. 🙂 *Kanye shrug*  The same night I finished my vision board I went back to my (written) vision for 2019 and wrote out action steps for each goal.  I actually did more than that but I will share that later on this year. I said all that to say vision boards are cute and fun as well as other things we do to prepare for the new year.  We have to learn to be more intentional.   Intentional: done on purpose Yes, I really did put the definition there!  So goal set, go to the gym, eat better and all that jazz just be sure you are intentional this year.  God has so much He wants to do in our lives, and we must also do our part in order to receive the blessings He has for us.
 And remember I VIBE with you, you VIBE with me and we are going to VIBE together!   Let's make some changes in our lives bro/sis  We can do it!!! Until next time..........
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