BE BOLD.  Yes be bold! Whatever season you are in I believe that you are there for a purpose.  So I was the type of person that tried to please everyone and always worried about the opinions of others. happened and slowly, yes very slowly (like the speed of a turtle) I started to get out of that.  I begin to realize the only validation I needed was from God and that I would have to develop a strong, solid relationship with him so that I could hear his voice more clearly.
No this was not easy for me because I still just wanted everyone to be happy and get along, but I had to realize that I cannot serve two masters and needed to choose this day who I would serve...yes the scripture I literally had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.  *shrugs*
So anyways...God should not have told me that...I chose to serve him and baby ya girl was bold.  I begin to be obedient to what God said and man...  Do ya'll (yes ya'll I'm from Arkansas get used to it) do ya'll know people in my life started dropping like flies.  God revealed that the people I was too busy trying to please or "make happy" real side and I'm not talking about the good side either came to light.  Each time God revealed something to me about someone close in my life I literally stood and said thank you Jesus. 
Girl what does that have to do with being bold?  Well I will tell.  You must know that by following God and being obedient to him that some people and things will leave you.  Guess what...duh be bold enough and trust God enough to know that all things work together for your good.  When people come up against you they are not only coming up against you but God.  And if the God I serve is for me who shall be against me? And you should feel the same soooo BE BOLD.
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